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January 10, 2006

Laura Fugging

I do believe Laura Harring has hit upon the most oxymoronic of fashion styles with this offering: prim-slutty.

The cut of the sleeves, the aggressive neck, the empire waist and ensuing sheath, and even the ring on her finger...  all those things are very Royal Family Charity Gala; the heaving bosom and sheerness make it lean toward Royal Family Wedding Night. The net effect is a dress that is as icky as I imagine most of those wedding nighs have been, at least until Wills or Harry hitches up to somebody; indeed, I can imagine Camilla Parker-Bowles slinking out of the bathroom in exactly this, swinging Chuck's polo mallet in her hand while cooing, "Time for a knock-in, Your Highness."

So you see, being associated fashion-wise with many royal clans is not a terribly flattering thing. Ergo, while I'm pleased for Laura Harring that she is proud of her chest, and rightly, I do think perhaps this cocktail-dress-negligee was a ridiculous way to show it off.

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