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January 27, 2006

Tara Palmer-Fugkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is one of those British equivalents to New York socialites: upper-crust, hungry to be a celebrity, yet tragically devoid of any talent by which she has been able to earn honest fame (one bio claims she fought allegations of her stupidity by trumpeting her number of A-levels in the paper, and then promptly became a low-grade bra model).

Ergo, Tara P-T's shtick is basically finding a way to get invited to things, playing along with OK! and Hello! and Now and Heat, perhaps dropping by a rehab clinic, getting alarmingly skinny, and wearing whatever actual working famous people are wearing so that she'll look like one of them.


Yes: formal shorts. And tights, too. Maggie Gyllenhaal would be proud. She is one part Sporting English Lass Who Fancies Herself Heir-Bait, one part Sienna Miller, one part Fuggie and her shiny tights of doom, and about a quarter-part Olsen twin.

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