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March 28, 2006

Last Week For Shirts!

Friday is the last day to order an "I Hate What You're Wearing" t-shirt; since we are not making extras, there won't be any leftovers we can offer in a fit of benevolence, so make absolutely sure that if you want a shirt, you order it this week.

Because, come on, admit it: You hate what that person is wearing. You hate Ugg boots, you hate ponchos, you hate gaucho pants. You could hate boleros, or designer jeans.  You probably hate boho skirts. Or, in a bizarre "collapsing the wormhole" sort of way, you might even hate the "I Hate What You're Wearing" shirt somebody across the room is showcasing.

Regardless, don't miss out on your chance to passive-aggressively let your feelings be known.

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