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March 31, 2006

Natasha Richardfug

All it took for me to like Natasha Richardson was The Parent Trap. I even forgave her for Maid In Manhattan because she was so likable in The Parent Trap, and that's really saying something, as I have been unable to extend a similar olive branch to any of the following participants in that cinematic bloodbath: Stanley Tucci, Chris Eigemann, Bob Hoskins, Amy Sedaris (well, okay, maybe I forgave Amy Sedaris, but it's partly on credit), Jennifer Lopez (who was already in my bad books, due in no small part to The Wedding Planner), and especially -- especially -- Ralph Fiennes.

The aforementioned paragraph really speaks to the power of Romancing The Quaid, which she did with considerable charm. However, I'm vexed by Natasha's choice of dress here.

Whither your waist, Natasha? That gown gives you the shape of an ethereal oak tree. And you are way hotter than that.

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