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March 02, 2006

Pump Up the Fug

Back in the day, when I was a young lady just learning about boys and how alluring, yet annoying, they could be, I had a huge and powerful crush on Christian Slater, thanks primarily to his role as totally f'ed up but dreamy nihilist Jason Dean in Heathers.

If there were any lingering residuals of that crush left today, this would have killed them dead:

Dude? Don't.  Slater has said that he refuses to leave the house without a hat because the hairstyle they've given him for Bobby is so bad. To which I say:  don't be such a girl.  Go outside with your weird-ass hair and wear it proudly. Because then people will say, "Dude, what's with the hair?" and you'll say, "oh, it's for a role," and then they'll think, "Huh. I had no idea he was working. Good for him." Whereas now, when you're going to a formal event wearing a baseball cap that matches your tux, people just think you're going bald.

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