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April 07, 2006

Fugleen Davidson

Yeah, sure, Eileen Davidson is on The Young and the Restless, and sure, she originated the role she is currently playing, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that she will always be remembered most fondly for playing five different characters -- well, one character, and four caricatures -- on Days of our Lives. And we will always hold dear the memory of Kristen (no. 1) trying to buy the baby of Susan (No. 2) so she could keep up the ruse that she was having John's spawn, and how she tried to sell Susan into white slavery, and how Susan ended up turning the tables and kidnapping Kristen and marrying John Black and his Eyebrows of Judgment and naming the baby Elvis because the evil Stefano had impregnated her while disguised as the King, and how at one point I'm pretty sure the ogre-toothed Susan's pretty fake Kristen dentures went flying across the room and landed in someone's glass, and then a nun came along called Sister Mary Moira (no. 3) who... did something... and then there was a guy named Thomas (no. 4) and a woman named Penelope (No. 5) and OH MY GOD I can't keep track of this any more, and all I really remember from that time was wishing ALL of them would shut their traps about John Black, because seriously, the guy always seems a hair too close to mullet territory for my taste, and WHAT is with him always "acting" by inhaling sharply through his nose, leaning his head back, and cocking an eyebrow while looking down through half-open eyes? STOP THAT, JOHN BLACK.

Ahem. As you can see, the spectre of five different characters is enough to drive anyone insane. And I think it may have done that to Eileen Davidson...

... as she appears to be wearing velvet capri pants with that quasi-vest, which I don't believe is designed to be worn over a button-down shirt. I appreciate the thought of being prepared for a board meeting that takes place while on horseback in the English countryside during a fox hunt, but it doesn't really seem practical or terribly likely.

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