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April 27, 2006

Just My Fug

So THAT'S how it's gonna be, eh, Lindsay?

A nightgown over leggings -- LEGGINGS! WHY DON'T YOU JUST STAB ME? -- accessorized with a Hefty bag? FINE. FINE. If this is what you want, then FINE It's OVER. I LOVED you. I DEFENDED you. I MADE YOU MY AIM ICON, FOR PETE'S SAKE. And this is how you decide to end it? Well, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW. Because MY HEART is BROKEN.

PS: The shoes are still good.

PPS: My endorsement of your shoes DOES NOT mean I am NOT breaking up with you, because I AM.  But let's all remember WHY I am. BECAUSE YOU PUSHED ME TO IT.  It's all YOUR FAULT. I tried to make this work. I tried to COMMUNICATE. But you just wouldn't listen.

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