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April 04, 2006

Scrolldown Fug: Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy is a human left turn. She is the master of irrational fashion, starting with the right idea and then zig-zagging horribly off course.

Take, for example, this outfit.

Little black dress, hair that could use a brushing, cute shoes... all in all, unremarkable but -- aside from the fact that it might be a tad tigh -- inoffensive. That is, until you get to those horrid green leggings poking out from under the skirt like pesky little Peeping Toms who don't know how to stay hidden and will most likely end up gawking themselves silly until they fall fall out of a tree, get hit by a car, and wake up with their pants on Lea Thompson's hope chest while she reads their underwear.

Every time I see leggings or pants or jeans under dresses, I feel like I've accidentally barged into the person's changing room at Bloomingdale's and caught them trying on a garment on a day when they felt too lazy to take off their shoes and pants first. I've totally been that person, yet on those days I can't even bring myself to waddle out of the dressing room to stand in front of the big mirror, lest I be seen -- much less actually take that look to the streets. For shame, Delpy and all of your sartorial ilk. For shame.

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