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May 25, 2006

Bonnie and Fug

This is so very painful for me.  The last person in the world I want to fug is Faye Dunaway, because I love her so very much. She's a great actress, of course, but she's also so very interesting, and I have always sort of wanted to be her protege in bitchery. I feel like we would sit around her pool in terribly fabulous dressing gowns and good shoes and really huge sunglasses, drinking bloody marys and saying mean things about our underlings.  Part of this impression comes from having read her autobiography, which is brilliant and which she clearly wrote without the help of a ghost writer, since it wanders all over the place in a totally delightful way [which lead to sentences much like, "Working with Polanski was difficult in some ways, but I loved working with Jack. I also love fried chicken. But I never got to eat it when I was on set. Anyway, I don't want to talk about Roman anymore." Brilliant.] I also love her for a story that's currently floating around, which is probably not true, but which is still awesome: whilst Ms Dunaway was making The Starlet, she was picked up one morning by a [probably scared shitless] PA. And she came out to the car in full on movie star sunglasses, and didn't say a word, and they were driving to the set, and the PA turns on the turn signal to, you know, turn right or whatever, and, from the back seat, at last, comes The Voice. And it says, "Can't you turn that thing DOWN?"

Anyone who asks if the car's turn signal can be turned down is all right by me, is what I am saying. So, long story not very much shorter at all, I love her, and this is very hard for me:

Well, that's...not so bad, right? The shoes are good. The color is good. The...okay, the cut is kind of wacky.  What's with all those crazy, crazy pleats on the hips?

But maybe it's better from the back!

AACK! No. She appears to be emerging from inside a drawstring gift bag.

This is particularly hard for me because La Dunaway is generally so very chic. I mean, look at her back in the day:

DON'T EMAIL ME, I know this is in costume for Bonnie and Clyde, BUT, according to Ms Dunaway's aforementioned biography, she and costume designer Theadora Van Runkle [who also styled her in real life -- they were sort of the Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie of the late 60s and early 70s, except, you know, both of them were talented] worked very closely together to create Bonnie's look, and it certainly because a trend, so I'm giving her some credit.  The woman is pulling off a beret AND a scarf worn bandana style. That takes SKILLZ. CRAZY skillz. So where did it all go wrong, Faye? Where?

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