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May 17, 2006

Fugga Herzigova

At the premiere of The Da Vinci Code, Victoria's Secret model Eva Herzigova ensured her mystery was far simpler to decipher:

She looks like Tinkerbell at the prom.


I especially enjoy that she has to clutch that piece of fabric between her legs, or tape it there, so that a brisk wind doesn't make her ladyparts a matter of public record. And yet, at this point, why even bother with the modesty flap? Just get Fred Leighton to bling it up and call it jewelry.

Or, better, stencil the number of her waxer on it. In fact, the mighty crotch's full potential as a billboard really hasn't been tapped. I'm sure we could get some more celebs on board. Paris Hilton has just been waiting for the day someone will pay her to display a Red Bull logo on her worst-kept secret.

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