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May 08, 2006

Fugperate Fugwives

It's pretty well-documented how we here at GFY feel about Marcia Cross. Love the hair, love the acting even though we hate the show, love the lesbian rumors, love the potentially connected lack of interest she's showing in her upcoming wedding, love her skin, love her figure, love her resume. She was Dr. Kimberly Shaw, and as we all know, Dr. Kimberly Shaw doesn't just cut a bitch -- she mows down and/or explodes a bitch. And so we stand behind Marcia Cross against the world, especially The Hatch, any time we're required to do so.

However, we can't always give her a free pass...

Dr. Kimberly Shaw would hate this. She wouldn't stand for a dress that gives her a phantom pot belly and pulls against her thighs in an achingly unflattering fabric tug-of-war, topped off with a filmy drape that looks like an exotic wedding veil gone wrong.

You know who would wear this overwrought piece of sausage casing? The Baroness. You know who I mean: blonde, Austrian, thick drawn-on brown eyebrows, tried to get Maria out of Captain Von Trapp's life by sneaky means so she could marry into his money and then send the kids off to boarding school while she stood on the patio in her ball gowns cackling merrily between drags of the cigarette dangling from its stylish holder... that Baroness.

And as much as this realization almost saves the dress, because the evil Baroness kind of rules, in the end Marcia and her Viennese Golddigger couture can't win because satin -- 95% of the time -- is a bigger enemy even than Dr. Michael Mancini.

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