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May 08, 2006

The Fug Whisperer

Since she started communing with dead people on a regular basis -- which I realize is part of a fictional show, but the people at CBS apparently do not, as they recently sponsored commercial segments in which she answers as herself viewer questions about interacting with the dead; next they'll be selling on eBay the right to have your taxes done by Dav1d Krumh0ltz -- Jennifer Love Hewitt has more often than not made some dodgy fashion choices. Consider this: Us Weekly named her "Best Hollywood Body," or some similar compliment, so what did J.Lo.Hew do? She showed up in this:

I love that color. The dress is not far off from being cute, honestly; I just find it fascinating that Ms. Lo.Hew attended a celebration of her figure in a dress that dumpifies it -- indeed, goes out of its way to make her breasts look kind of saggy. In fact, in the issue itself in which Us hands out its hotly awaited awards that rival only the Billboard Music Awards in societal relevance, our favorite faux-medium (sorry, Patricia Arquette) says she she flatly refuses to wear skinny jeans because she knows they make her look pear-shaped. Clever girl. Too bad this thing is plucked from the same fruit bowl.

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