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May 16, 2006

The Fugly Diaries

The rest of Scarlett Johansson's outfit from this photo doesn't matter; it's a gray suit, worn while shooting The Nanny Diaries, and it's fine. But what vexes me is what the costumer has done to her feet:

This is The Nanny Diaries, not The Nana Diaries, right? I get that a childcare professional who runs around after the young 'uns might want wear comfortable footwear rather than cute footwear, and that sometimes to walk without agony from A to far-off B in New York City people change into shoes that will pound the sidewalk with greater shock absorption. I do understand. So aside from its outright fuglyness, it confuses me that nothing about that hideous Smileville Friendship Convalescent Center sock-and-shoe combo even looks particularly comfortable. Not to be all actory about it, but what exactly is her motivation?

However, my bigger concern is that this will somehow sneak its way into real life. So tread carefully, dreaded costumer. If you in any way push fashion in this direction, I am going to shake my fist and put a pox on you henceforth. DO YOU HEAR ME? A POX!

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