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June 01, 2006

Big Fug

After a loathsome absence from the site since January, we're pleased to invite you to cast your hungry eyes upon one of GFY's all-time favorite benefugtresses: Chloe Sevigny.

Ms. Sevigny's dress is one part nightgown, two parts curtain-that-separates-the-brothel-front-room-from-the-back-den-of-sin, two parts something she stole from Joan Rivers' closet, and zero parts long enough to comfortably and consistently cover her crotch.

This exceptional debacle is quite possibly her way of compensating for the modest, high-waisted and long-hemmed Compound Couture her character favors on Big Love -- on which she is fantastic; Jess has already said that recently, but unfortunately it's so true that it bears repeating. But still, even if Chloe is relishing her reclaimed fashion freedom, she could probably find a way to do it that is not so aggressively frightening. I'm not even sure Joan Rivers would want that, come to think of it, although if she did, a) she is Joan f'ing Rivers, and however you feel about her, you have to admit she can pretty much wear whatever she wants; and b) it would assuredly come with a bottom half of some kind, or perhaps just act as a sort of scarf or wrap, because crotchless groin-length gowns are not how homegirl rolls.

How did this become about Joan Rivers? I'm not sure. She's a force far greater than I. But in sum, thank you, Chloe, for sparing us those stupid white sunglasses, but if you drop anything, for the love of God, bend at the knees and not at the waist.

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