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June 05, 2006

MTV Movie Awards Fug: Kate Beckinsale

This week's random regurgitation of 1980s styles that didn't even look that good the first time:

Presumably, Ms. Beckinsale is even at the MTV Movie Awards in the first place because she is promoting this summer's Click, and not because she is being recognized for her work in Underworld: Evolution -- an assumption I can make based on the fact that it's difficult even in this town to throw a rock without hitting someone who says, "What? They made a sequel to that cinematic mushroom cloud?"

Unfortunately, Kate herself is not possessed of a remote control that will rewind time -- or even, say, a photo album of her, or anyone else's, youth -- or she certainly wouldn't have paid a nostalgic visit to Mammoth Beltville by way of the intersection of 21 Jumpsuit Street and Billowy Ankle-Pants Avenue. She is a good, solid backbrushing away from being the most popular girl in the senior class of 1987.

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