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June 28, 2006

My Fair Fugly

If you had a time machine -- like, say, a DeLorean outfitted with the latest in flux capacitors -- and you had paid me a little visit back in, oh, 2003 to tell me that: a) Peter Brady -- yes, of The Brady Bunch -- was going to reappear on our radar as some kind of celebrity-like person, and, b) that he would end up marrying that girl who just won that new modeling show Tyra Banks is doing, I would have asked you why the hell you were wasting my time with these clearly ridiculous lies, when you could be telling me if I was going to get to meet and/or marry George Clooney within the next three years. And, yet, here we are:

Peter Brady is all, "Check it OUT! I married a MERMAID! Suck on THAT, Greg!"

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