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June 12, 2006

Natasha Fugingfeld

Some outfits we feature here on GFY offend me, as a person. Some of them delight me, as a fan of the surreal. Some just amuse me. This falls into the latter category:

I think I would have enjoyed being present for the brainstorm leading to the creation of this shirt. I imagine it being very much like, "Let's see. What's hot for this season? What's fresh? What's new and interesting? I know: Victoriana! All very prim and buttoned up. All very virginal and chaste. All very Miss Havisham prowling around in her wedding dress. But with a twist. We need a twist! A twist...I KNOW. Miss Havisham....AS A PUSSYCAT DOLL. Yes. YES! I love it. God, I'm good."

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