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June 02, 2006

Random Fug

In a super special Friday event, we present the Random Scrolldown Fug:

Good...good...good...pretty...pretty....pretty....SWEET FANCY MOSES ON BUTTERED TOAST.

Someone please explain the footwear here, because I've been looking at it for twenty minutes and I can't figure it out. It looks like black pointy backless flats worn with...pleather spats? No. That's not possible, right? People don't go out shopping for pleather spats. No one has manufactured pleather spats. There can not be a market for pleather motherf-ing spats.

And if there were, would you wear them with an inocuous -- even slightly boring -- black cocktail dress? No. No, you would wear them with some costume-y goth-y cheerleader-y Gwen Stefani-esque thing. I mean, if you ARE going for pleather SPATS, of all things, then you need to wear the SHIT out of them.  Commit to those pleather spats! Make them inarguably spatastic. OWN THEM.

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