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June 29, 2006

Fuggie Marsh

We've written before about the trevails of trampy style twins Jodie Marsh and Jordan, Britain's leading misguided exhibitionists of the moment who, although not actually related, sport virtually identical plastic breasts, overdone faces, cheap hair extensions, and embarrassing clothes. The caliber of camp in England is high, and these two are senior-level counselors.

And in an effort to keep you abreast -- ahem -- of their continued exploits, we present to you a photo of Jodie Marsh's latest and greatest ensemble, which she wore to the UK premiere of Lindsay Lohan's already-forgotten "romantic" "comedy" Just My Luck.

Of course, out of respect for those of you who are at work, and do not wish to be assaulted in this manner without warning, we're installing one of those "after the jump" thingamies for cases like this. So you'll have to click to relish the fug.

What can one say about this? It's a fug orgasm. I know I have been exposed to too much Star Trek: The Next Generation when my initial reaction to this photo is that LeVar Burton's character would find a kinship with her... shirt? Bra? I mean, what is the exact name for "cheap strip of crap stretched tenuously across one's mountain range and only barely covering the peaks"?

It strikes me that every item on her body except for the death strip feels like something Britney Spears might have worn on stage at the height of her popularity. So I suppose you could take it one step further and suggest that Britney might either have gone in this direction, or down south to the pit of despair in which she currently dwells. Given that choice... wow, that is a true Death Is Not An Option, isn't it?

I'm going to pick the K-Fed destiny, I think, because that can be reversed. Whereas Jodie Marshdom is, sadly for her, probably forever.

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