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June 14, 2006

Zooey Fugshanel

Oh, Zooey, you mad, tights-loving tights-lover.

You know, this outfit isn't that bad.  Or it wouldn't be -- in fact, it would even approach adorable -- if:

a) it were December and not the steaming middle of summer here in Los Angeles

b) she didn't choose to wear it to an outdoor function where literally everyone else is wearing shorts and flip flops.

Look, I am all about tights (in general and when appropriate, namely, not with a summer dress, and not as pants), and I love a smart coat. I even think the dress is cute -- imagine it with heels! (But not black ones, probably, because this outfit needs a splash of color.) But Avoiding the Fug has as much to do with dressing appropriately for an occasion as it does avoiding, you know, hot pants and pleated Mom Jeans. And black coat + black tights + what appear to be ratty flats + a dress layered over what looks like a mock turtleneck  on a sunny, summer day in the middle of June, at a super casual event = not a very good idea. Plus, god, sister, I'm sweating just looking at you. And you know how hard it is to get pit stains out of a mock turtleneck. Take some of those layers off and get with the program!

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