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July 24, 2006

Fugga Frightley

My fascination with Keira Knightley's odd fashion choices continues apace -- and no, in this case, I'm not referring to the greasy-haired accessory on camera-left.

It's one thing to cut open the closed end of a pillowcase, belt it, and call it a summer minidress, but it's quite another level of fug creativity altogether when you find a way for the belt itself to double as a bra, then stroll out of the house with cute shoes and a hot red clutch as if you didn't have the entire stability of your outfit riding on one potentially shifty piece of leather.

I almost want to pat her on the back. In the global sport that fashion lunacy has become, this is almost certainly a medalworthy performance in the Fuglympics. It puts the "bra" in "bravo."

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