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July 10, 2006


By cutting contestant Guadalupe Vidal relatively early in the show, it would appear Project Runway's panel of judges got things terribly, terribly right.

I mean... would you trust this woman to design your clothes?

Okay, not you, Bai Ling. We know you would love her. In fact, we believe Lupe is your loopy soulmate, and we fully expect you to hire her when Personality #7 -- "graudeur-deluded businesswoman" -- decides it's to try her hand at an eponymous clothing line. We would very much like to be at the meeting in which you pitch out this outfit to the Girl Scouts of America as a potential new uniform, contending that it mixes tradition (Pigtails! A beanie!) with that magical sense of drunken reveling the organization currently,tragically lacks. And once you put up the pie chart illustrating just how many more cookies this outfit will help sell in certain parts of town, I'm sure it'll be a done deal.

But everybody else? Run.

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