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July 27, 2006

Scrolldown Fug: Mindy Kaling

The Office is one of my favorite shows, and Mindy Kaling -- like everyone else -- is great on it. But I wonder if being on a show that rarely seems to shoot you from further away than three-quarters distance starts to get to you. Maybe you wear slippers every day at work with your costume, because you know nobody will see them, and you might as well be comfortable. And as somebody who's tortured her feet many a time in the name of wearing cute shoes that nobody actually cares about except me... well, I can respect that.

Except for when you start forgetting that life itself doesn't play out in a series of mid-shots.

From the knees up, she looks adorable, all set for a divine NBC-Universal booze cruise of clenched-teeth joy, where every toast to their wonderful fall schedule comes with paranoia from Jeff Zucker that people will figure out they've swapped the costly champagne and top-shelf liquor with well booze and sparkling cider.

But her shoes are pure "local theater revival of Xanadu." They look like she stapled wallpaper scraps to her ankles.

Come to think of it, though, a Xanadu revival is a pretty spectacular idea. There are not enough Xanadu tribues these days. Maybe next season on The Office, Michael can arrange an office production of it figuring that he'll get cast as the romantic lead. But of course when Dwight gets in there as the director, he puts, say, Kevin and Angela in the Michael Beck and Olivia Newton-John roller-skating lovebird roles, ousts Michael from the Gene Kelly part at the last minute because he found actual Michael Beck working at 20/20 Video and got him to come guest-star, and then forces all the other men in the office to dress up as the other muses during the opening number. And as the men all stand around in their dresses and bizarre, geometric, occasionally phallic hairstyles awaiting their time on stage, the whole thing falls apart because Dwight flies into a jealous snit when Kevin and Angela rehearse the roller-disco dance of love. Phyllis ends up in the part when they eventually perform at the local nursing home. And Michael forces Dwight to add a scene where he performs an intepretive dance solo while burning Mindy Kaling's brown boots of shame.

Okay, so the plan needs work. But the basic principles -- up with Xanadu, down with wallpaper shoes -- are still solid.

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