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July 19, 2006

You, Me, and Fuglee

Kate Hudson is a pretty girl with nice legs. But I do prefer it when they aren't poking out the business end of an overly elaborate lampshade.

By now, we pretty much get it that she's Goldie Hawn's daughter. Visual reminders no longer required, Kate, so go ahead and leave this shapeless, spangled, striped shift in Goldie's old Laugh-In closet, where it belongs.

P.S. I know he's not in the photo, but PLEASE, cut your son's hair. He's a cutie, but now that he's sporting waist-length golden tresses, I NEVER see a picture of him without instinctively thinking, "What a sweet little girl." Seriously, if you want it rocker-spawn shaggy, fine. But this isn't rakish, raffish Owen Wilson messy-longish hair -- your son is practically Ava Phillippe, Jr, but with an anatomical surprise. Can't you give him a wee trim?

... Of the HAIR, people. A trim of the HAIR. My lord. But seriously. Is it a religious thing? Does that prohibit, oh, I don't know, some sort of pony-tail holder, even? Perhaps a hat?

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