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August 04, 2006

I'm Not Confident Enough To Call It An Unfugging, But Still: Tara Reid

Today is apparently the day I say nice things about people I usually slag.

Take Tara "Hot Mess" Reid:

Have I suffered a massive head injury, or is this better than usual? I really think it's better than usual. I mean, I am not wild about the shoes, and the scoop neck is a tiny little bit more scooped than it ought to be, and those roots are the sort pulled off only by Amanda Woodward, but overall she looks really kind of pretty. No, I mean it.

Which shouldn't be as surprising as it is, really. I mean, prior to the current era of drunken boob-flashing, T.R went through a period of being really pretty cute and fresh-faced. Remember? Like this:

I mean, I'm probably talking crazy here, but it is possible that this ho has, as requested, sacked up?

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