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August 11, 2006

Freaky Fug Friday: Kristen Bell

Much to the consternation of Veronica Mars fans, we here at GFY have been frustrated more than once by Kristen Bell's clothes. Unfortunately, the girl has a history of dressing like either a frump with no sense of occasion, or an old lady.

Such expressions are often met with upset e-mails from the show's supporters instructing us that we can criticize anyone we like, anyone at all, except Bell. She is apparently supposed to be exempt -- something about how every episode of Veronica Mars was massaged by God himself, largely as a reward for their devotion but also because he got bored of Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill and he's trying to show those ungrateful hacks how it's done. There's usually also something about how Bell's hair is spun by angels out of gold dust and puppy fur.

And while no one is untouchable to us here, we do occasionally like to throw a well-deserved bone to people who do things well, or at least better. That's the key here: better. Everyone has his or her day, and this is Kristen's, for all you Bell lovers out there.

There's elements of this I don't like: the bizarre strings of pearls strapped to her shirt and flapping around aimlessly, for one; also, there's the slightly high-waisted skirt, which is tough to pull off. And I'm not sure about the pattern.

But you know what? She sort of is pulling it off. She looks cute and happy; she looks her age, but without the trendy trappings of trash that so often adorn other young actresses. She is being herself without sweating about being noticed. And, as a woman, I know that is really hard to wear something that rises that far over the hips and have it be flattering, especially when you have a shorter torso, when it risks chopping you weirdly in half. But instead, this complements her wee waist and the curve of her hip.

So, yeah, I'm wondering a bit why her accessories needed to be stapled to her top. Still, while this might not be a giant leap forward, I do think that her making these elements work for her -- as in, when I saw the photo first, I saw her, and not the clothes -- is an important baby step.

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