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August 07, 2006

Maria Fuglo

It's  a warm evening in New York, and Maria Bello has a premiere to attend. It's the premiere of her film, World Trade Center, which is about, as you might have guessed, September 11th.  After looking through her clothes, she realizes that she has but one ensemble appropriate for the premiere of a film about such a serious -- and to many, especially New Yorkers,  still sensitive -- subject:

Yes. Yes, an outfit designed as some kind of Victor/Victoria man/woman tux/ballgown hybrid. Because nothing says "sensitive and potentially ultimately uplifting film about our nation's tragedy" like a jaunty, undone bow tie. Oh, wait. "Jaunty undone bow tie" actually says "handsome, rakish cad knocking back a G and T during the last hours of the Governor's Ball."

Listen, I'm not saying that Maria Bello hates America, or anything.  And I didn't need to see her in, you know, widow's weeds and a veil, or some such. I just feel like the flip, winky gender-bending outfit is maybe not the one you ought to be wearing when you're posing in front of a big poster of the Twin Towers.  That's all I'm saying.

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