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August 30, 2006

Random Fug: Leven Rambin

Leven Rambin plays an autistic teen on All My Children, and she's really, really natural and good at it -- assuming you can get past the new herky-jerky camerawork and watch long enough to notice, and also not vomit from motion-sickness.

At any rate, she's very charming on the show, and her performance and the whole fresh-faced youthful glow of it all inspires a maternal protectiveness in me, which is why I yelped when I saw this photo.

I want to scream at her, "Leven [Middle Name Here So She Knows I Am Seriously Angry] Rambin! You are SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, young lady! You have no need to be naked! Get back upstairs and put on a shirt that's more substantial than a spandex waistband and two flaps of suspiciously stiff-looking satin! You are not Paris Hilton and you DEFINITELY are not some disco singer from the 1970s on her way to Studio 54, and you have SERIOUSLY spectacular skin! Which is neiher here nor there but I'm VERY, VERY UPSET, and stuff just pours out of my mouth when I'm upset and your nail polish is really cute! There, I said it! NOW GO CHANGE BEFORE A BUNCH OF GRUBBY-FINGERED BOYS FIGURE OUT HOW HOT YOU ARE OH MY GOD I AM PUTTING YOU IN A CONVENT TOMORROW AND THEY CAN BUS YOU TO THE STUDIO."

But it's just out of affection. I bellow because I love, Leven.

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