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August 11, 2006

Regular Fug Friday: Kristen Bell

The purpose of our occasional Freaky Fug Friday feature is to spotlight somebody whose unusual choice -- a choice we still might not love -- is managing to work for them. It could be subtitled, "When Marginal Taste Works," except for how that phrasing is incredibly clunky.

So, we were throwing Kristen Bell a bone this morning. And although we don't like to feature somebody twice in one day, it does appear Kristen Bell has thrown it right back at us and cracked us in the nose. [She's a wee thing but her aim is deadly.]

Here she is at the premiere of something called Pulse:

What moldy costume shop ejected this? I'll give her that she looks very slim in it, but the collar-and-cuffs detail looks nappy and worn, and the bottom half of the skirt -- from which there is a thread snaking out onto the red carpet like so many cobras on a jetliner -- bears the wear-and-tear of a thousand high-school actresses dragging it around backstage and inadvertantly stomping on it as they tread the boards.

She's also not doing herself any favors with the bright white purse and that abdominal explosion of a flower at her waist -- when you put something that stark next to a dress that's a few shades darker, the effect makes the outfit look like it hasn't been dry-cleaned since somebody's great-grandmother wore it to her wedding.

It pains me to rip the "Fastest Backslide" award from Tara Reid's grubby hands after her recent and speedy skid from unfugging to uberfug, because what else is Tara Reid going to win? And yet, Kristen takes the prize.

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