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August 17, 2006

Stage Fug

CLAIRE DANES: Billy, do you think I look sort of like Gywneth Paltrow with my blonde hair?


CD:  Shut up. Have you seen your mustache? You look like Pancho Villa.

BC: You don't even know who that is.

CD: Hello, he makes Colombian coffee. I've been to Starbucks.

BC: That's Juan Valdez.  You're wrong either way, my mustache rocks. It's better than your pants.

CD: These pants are fierce.

BC: Okay, Stumpy McSaddlebags.

CD: Do you want to talk about your shoes?

BC: Do you want to talk about YOURS?

CD: Drop dead. I'm a serious actress.

BC: Yeah, okay. Nice try.

CD: I was the toast of my generation, asshole. Who the hell are you?

BC: Um, you were the toast of your generation like twenty years ago for like five minutes. Are you going to be throwing My So-Called Life in my face for the rest of our lives? All you did was sign up for a show with a good script.

CD: I am UNIFORMLY EXCELLENT in everything I do, asshole. Did you see Little Women? I rocked that.

BC: You're not uniformly excellent in dressing yourself. That shirt makes you look like a shift manager at Islands.



CD: Aren't you glad we risked everything to be together?

BC: Don't I look like it?

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