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August 10, 2006

The Emancipation of Fugli

Is it just me, or is Mariah Carey molding herself into Beyonce Knowles circa 2004, when she was under Tina's tyrannical, hot-pants-obsessed thumb? Even the hair supports Mimi's "Destiny's Stepchild" makeover.

Except, those ladies have moved on -- even Tina Knowles appears to have ceded ground in her seemingly incessant pro-spankies war. So La Carey is a little bit behind the curve, and she just kinda looks silly. I want to whisper in her ear, "We're past wanting to see you prance around in your funeral intimates."  Except given the spandex tube dresses she's been prone to wearing lately, I have a sneaking suspicion she's back to thinking it's 1992, and I'm not sure I want to be the one who wakes her up from that delusion. Could get ugly.

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