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August 24, 2006

Unfugged: Nicky Hilton

So, we've been a bit bitchola to Nicky Hilton lately. I may have said she was looking worse than Tara Reid. I definitely said she was looking bloated and uncomfortable and cranky. I may also have a retraction on my hands. For two reasons. 

Number one: look how cute she looks at Paris's CD release party:

Cute, right? Cute bag, cute shoes, cute waistl -- hold the phone.

And here we are at Possible Retraction Reason Number Two.  See, I've read some gossip around town that there's a little Spawn of Connolly setting up shop in Nicky Hilton's ladyparts. And, of course, at first I dismissed this as totally unfounded rumor. EVERYONE is accused of being secretly knocked up in Hollywood: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Garner (again), Reese Witherspoon. I myself was convinced that Lauren Graham was pregnant for MONTHS, when I really just think the folks on Gilmore Girls were into making her hold shit in front of her belly. But looking at her here...I don't know. Check the close-up:

Gestate-y, right?

Now, let me be clear. I am not saying she looks fat, just less...waist-y than she has in the past. And it's certainly possible that she just woke up one day and decided, "Screw it. Screw you all. I am having a sandwich. Several sandwiches. Size zero is too much work, and life is short." To which I say, bravo, and eat that sandwich in good health. In fact, if that's bacon, I'd like half.

However.  Recent paps photos have shown Hilton Part Deux: Less Skeezier looking sort of worn out and bloaty and under the weather. Could this particular pregnancy rumor be true? If it is -- good for them. I kind of like those two crazy kids, and if this is how she plans to dress during any alleged pregnancy, good for her, because her legs look hot.

And if it's not true: well-played, anyway, because no one would confuse this girl (modest! Yet chic! And comfortable!) with Tara Reid.  Dodged a bullet there, Nicky.

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