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August 07, 2006

Zoe Fugdana

"What? What are you looking at? My tiny, tiny swatch of leggings under this otherwise reasonable dress? What of it? Don't you know who I am? I was an important part of your guilty-pleasures, my friends. I am ZOE SALDANA. I was in Center Stage dancing the shit out of it with that guy who was the figure skater in real life, putting out cigarettes with my toe shoes and swearing at Peter Gallagher (you know, when he wasn't swearing at himself off-camera, trying to figure out what exactly he was doing there and how quickly he could fire his agent). I dominated that movie. And I was in Crossroads -- I am IMMORTALIZED next to Cute Young Britney Spears, so don't JUDGE me for my LEGGINGS, because me and lispy Taryn Manning are practically the last people to revel in B's fresh-faced glory before she got tainted, and at least I did not leave that movie set and rent out my woman-parts to an overly fertile functionally illiterate pig-tenant.

"So really, considering all that, if I want to keep those extra two inches of leg extra-warm by putting on leggings that really only kind of show and that I probably didn't need at all and which are not that attractive a trend ANYWAY, then, well, POPO-ZAO to you -- I don't care and I AM GOING TO DO IT."

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