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September 21, 2006

American Fug

Tara Reid has given up her acting career and picked up modeling. Next month, she will be appearing on the cover of Dead Eyes Monthly:

(This photo was also considered for the cover of Ima Kill You, Jessica, If You Don't Stop Being So Mean To Me weekly.)

In case you're wondering, she also appears to be really gifted at runway:

I admit that I am not an expert on catwalk style, but I am pretty sure two-handed waves are not particularly fierce.

Poor Tara Reid. Honestly.  She is such a mess, I can hardly bring myself to publish this post. I mean, I'm going to and all, but simply as a call for help on her behalf. Girl, FOR REAL: go to the Golden Door or Canyon Ranch or something for like TWO MONTHS. Dry out. Give people a chance to miss you. Give your hair a chance to regain a flimsy hold on life again. Try to PULL IT TOGETHER. GOD.

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