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September 27, 2006

Fugker Posey

Lord knows the world loves the comic and dramatic stylings of Parker Posey, but there are times when her other stylings could use some help.

The afro-perm looks alarmingly like my worst bedhead. ... Okay, no, my worst bedhead had to have been the other weekend, when I was told I resembled a recent photo of Carrot Top in Rolling Stone. A true moment of shame. But, this one would be close. Still, as a curlyhead who gets all fired up to cut her hair short and then remembers too late why it's problematic to wear it that way, I can forgive (or at least understand) hair trauma.

My real problem here is the dress. What is the deal with her wanting to be dishevelled? She looks like an Elizabethan nun whose ruff is slowly unraveling. I hate this kind of mothballed costume-shop fashion; it's making me grit my teeth something fierce, because I want so badly to cut off those ratty threads. Kids, don't run with scissors, but if you're going to do it regardless of my warnings, at least do it in her direction so that you can snip those deadly, dangling bastards.

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