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September 28, 2006

Fug's Next Top Model

Every season, America's Next Top Model has a grand tradition of casting a couple of girls who have no realistic chance to make it in the world of actual modeling -- which is mostly populated by, like, fifteen year old Eastern European girls -- but who REALLY REALLY want it, and who are therefore mildly (read: dramatically and hilariously)  delusional about the likelihood of their future success. Last "cycle", this role was filled by a 26 year old loony named Jade, who spoke in poetry (most notably when she was finally eliminated, an event which prompted an ode called "Left Over Lady." Which she recited while snapping her fingers. Genius. Seriously. Someone needs to get that girl her own show. I miss her.). While the viewers, I suspect, realize that these girls will never really be MODELS, we all enjoy them as excellent reality television characters, and mourn them when they are finally eliminated.

A few cycles ago, this role was filled by Lisa, a girl I first totally hated, then loved to hate.  For those of you who are not watching ANTM, Lisa PEED in an adult diaper, ON CAMERA. She did this for reasons that escape me, but which I'm sure had something to do with getting attention. So I don't really know why I'm surprised that she's wearing a shirt with her own face on it:

And yet, I am.

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