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September 29, 2006

Jillian Fugerie

Welcome to When Pretty Young Girls People Completely Violate The Sacred Covenant Of Having Breasts, Part Infinity, Part Deux.

Meet Jillian Barberie: brash co-host of local morning train-wreck Good Day, L.A.; participant in primetime train-wreck Skating With Celebrities; fired weather girl for Fox's NFL coverage; crushed that none of this has made her a household name.

I would suggest that maybe Jillian didn't intend to leave the house in a satin shirt that glues her breasts to her torso in sideswept mounds, but a) I find it hard to believe her house lacks mirrors, and b) she comes off as so enamored of her own sassyness that there's no way she doesn't check herself out nine times an hour in whatever reflective surface she can find in the event that all the mirrors in her house are broken.

So all that's left is for me to conclude that her judgment is sometimes just as bad as her current show.

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