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September 19, 2006

Samantha Fugton

Why do I feel like Samantha Morton wants to smack my open palm with a ruler?

This dress makes her look a bit like a linebacker from the waist up -- a very frumpy linebacker, who loves stuffing a bra with socks and wearing translucent gloves that have yellowed with age, all as part of some kind of society-matron drag act.

The whole thing is so stern and severe and Lady Going Through 'The Change' that I decided to look up her age, out of pure curiosity. And as it turns out, Samantha Morton and I are the same age: 29. How is this possible? Why is she grannying herself up? I'm not saying she needs to run around with her cleavage tumbling out, but why not have even a little bit of fun? Her interesting face and pretty eyes get lost here in the aura of Polident fumes, while the thrice-her-age Helen Mirren owned the Emmy red carpet like an ageless glam goddess. It's intriguing that I have to encourage Ms. Morton to learn youth from her elders, but there you have it.

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