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September 01, 2006

VMA Fug Carpet: Amy Lee and Jared Leto

Okay, you regular GFY readers have learned a few things about me in the past 2 years.  For example, I enjoy the work of Shannen Doherty, and I have a dirty, inexplicable, painful love for Lindsay Lohan that not even her current love of formal shorts can kill. I love George Clooney. I hate leggings.  And so forth. But I have kept secrets from you, my readers, and one of my many secrets is that I love match-making.  Because beneath my bitchy, evil exterior beats the heart of a secret romantic. And I think I have found a match on the VMA's red carpet. Reaquaint yourself with Amy Lee, and then meet her new one true love:

Amy Lee:

And her soulmate:

He's PERFECT for her, right? You know how they say that couples who've been together for years and years start to look like each other? They've already got a headstart! AND they presented an award together, which is how all great romances start. Oh, it's going to be so great. They can share eyeliner and talk about Robert Smith together! She can nurse him through the gout! Plus, if Lindsay Lohan tries to get back together with him, Amy will cut her, and while I don't want to see Lindsay injured, I would like to keep her away from El Leto. Everyone wins!

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