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October 11, 2006


Back when she was still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model, our girl Furonda made a set of Rules for Successful Interaction that included the suggestion, "I am the best person to discuss me with."

Evidently, nobody wants to talk about her. Because if they did, they would -- as Rules-abiding citizens -- have to talk TO her, and surely ANY conversation in her presence would have resulted in an intervention before this outfit saw the light of day.

I think we're going to have to make our own set of rules for Furonda.

1) Ribbons are not an alternative to buttons.

2) If your skirt hangs so low that we can see what you're wearing underneath it, then your skirt is too big.

3) Massive swatches of boob tape and/or white fabric under a translucent piece of black lace are not going to escape our attention; consider wearing real shirts instead.

4) When people look at your outfit and think you're on your way to a lingerie-themed luau, something has gone awry.

4) In general, you are not the best person to dress you with.

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