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October 18, 2006

Circle of Fug

What we didn't know last week, when we made fun of Minnie Driver's new obsession with all things 80s, was that she was really just priming the pump for her new show, Minnie Driver's Retro Revolution, in which she puts together an ensemble,  using only clothes she finds at the back of her neighbors's closets -- and if you don't think part of the fun of the show comes from watching Minnie Driver break into the apartment next door and rifle through the bedroom, you're wrong! --  and goes out to the hottest clubs in town. Will the doorman remember that she used to be an actress and let her in? Or will her wacky mixed up outfits doom her to an early night? Last week, she hit the town in a millinery salute to Duran Duran. This week? She's Madonna, mixed with a splash of Olivia Newton John, and sprinkled with Flashdance!

She's just about to break into a round of the Cabbage Patch! Set your TiVos!

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