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October 05, 2006

Diane Fug

I know Diane Farr is pregnant, and I think that's very exciting for her, but I do wish she didn't dress the fetus like they are auditioning for a role in Men In Trees as some sort of kooky, seasonally confused Alaskan townsperson-and-spawn.

Perhaps pregnancy makes your arms warm but your torso cold, resulting in things like layering a sleeveless prairie dress with a scarf and an equally sleeveless vest. Or, maybe pregnancy makes you want to run out and -- in a jarring symbol of female frustration with the sheer heft of being a human incubator -- chop some wood, an act for which she is relatively appropriately dressed. But as it is, Diane just seems to be unsure which equinox just happened, so she's trying to walk the line and be ready either way.

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