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October 31, 2006

Virginia Fugsen

Evidently, Virginia Madsen's Halloween costume this year was, " Orange Julia."  Get it? Orange Julius ... Julia...  See what I did there? ... No? No good? Sigh.

Well, regardless of what I did there, the issue is what Virginia did here.

She has taken the unflattering, boxy thing Candice Bergen wore to the Emmys and soaked it in the biggest vat of industrial-strength tequila sunrise she could find. It's so aggressive that the sea of citrus overpowers her face and washes her out completely. In fact, it took me ages even to notice her afterthought of a head because I was awash in memories of the game Lemonade Stand, and how on the really hot days you'd get a blazing orange sun and know you were in for a major killing. Big money. And yet somehow, paradoxically, the outfit is also a massive whammy. We're through the Press Your Luck looking glass here, people.

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