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November 13, 2006

Fug is Magic

We're pretty sure this particular carpet wasn't always red. No: Sarah Silverman was all kitted out in her very best faux-hipster grunge duds, once again straining to prove to the world that she, like, totally doesn't care, when Hollywood's most vicious foot-fetishizing monster swept through and relieved her of all ten little piggies. The vile beast's rampages are as frequent as ever; you'd think somebody would make some sort of pesticide that would rid the celebrity world of this rapacious gobbler.

Maybe that's the true, secret genius behind the Peldon sisters' perfumes: They don't just aim to make the entire population smell like they just had a wicked carnal romp on a dessert cart, but have in fact actually cooked up a cunning pedal-parapheliac repellant so that no one else will hobble around this unclean town on raw, open wounds. Bless their little entrepreneurial souls.

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