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November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksfugging!

Although most of our time here at GFY HQ is spent thinking of synonyms for "ew" and playing drinking games, today is Thanksgiving. And so we set aside everything we've been working on -- a blueprint for extracting Katie Holmes from the Cruise compound once and for all, which we would have put into action already, except we're waiting for a call back from Josh Jackson; a scheme to send Lindsay Lohan several pairs of pants; and a very competitive Scrabble game -- to put on our buckled shoes and Native American headdresses while our cups runneth over with gratitude, and perhaps also rum.

We are thankful:

  1. that Nicole Richie finally canned Rachel Zoe
  2. that Britney finally canned Kevin Federline
  3. that the Coca-Cola Company still cans Diet Coke
  4. that our tireless Intern George is finally getting the recognition he deserves
  5. that Courtney and Ashley Peldon have a plan B
  6. that SoapNet is about to get back to The Brenda Years during their twice-daily dose of 90210. Three cheers for bodysuits!
  7. that Suri Cruise turned out really cute.  Seriously, we can't help it: we think she's adorable.  And that kid's going to have enough problems without having to add "Years of Emotional Angst About Appearance" to her list
  8. that we've managed to kick and scream our way through another year without being attacked by dogs, crocodiles, piranhas, birds, venomous snakes, or Dina Lohan
  9. that, in this year of Traumatic Celebrity Break-Ups, Posh and Becks are holding it together
  10. that we've got such lovely readers. Thanks for your support this year, guys. Have we mentioned that you look really hot in those pants?

Happy Thanksgiving from Go Fug Yourself! Go forth and consume carbs with great abandon.

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