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November 27, 2006

Kate Fugler

I should probably just relax and be grateful that it's former Big Brother UK winner Kate Lawler in this outfit, and not Lindsay Lohan, given the latter's recent predilection for looking like a metal groupie, or the daughter of a Hell's Angel who's working overtime to prove she's badass enough to get her own Hog. But, for once, this isn't about LiLo -- it's about Kate, who should consider herself bloody lucky that the minutiae of her life are no longer subject to national votes of approval or distaste, or else I'd call 100 times to register my shock and horror. This thing is at that hideous crumpled necktie, and the way that random strip of leather looks as if it's chaining together her arms (which are being thoughtfully cuddled by some old legwarmers) in some sort of homage to bondage. And the booties! Look, unless you're an infant, or you're displaying a collection of noteworthy derrieres, you should never, ever wear anything that requires the deployment of the word "booties." Trust me.

Perhaps she's trying to pitch her own reality show. Entitled Leather Daddy, it would entail Kate visiting different disgruntled house-husbands who are desperate for a dash of naughty spice in their otherwise bland lives, and taking them shopping for some mad-hot cowhide couture. See Nigel try and cook spaghetti with his chains on! See Gavin pick up his kids at school while wearing his hood! See Alfie's wife try and take him seriously when he hooks himself into the Brazilian love-swing! It'll be a hit.

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