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November 02, 2006


I must admit, I hesitated a bit before posting this photo because,  honestly, I think Kate Bosworth looks somewhat unwell, and it makes me sad.

But then I thought about it, and I wondered: is overlooking the travesty of pale-wash demin helping anyone, or are we merely compounding the problem by pretending that shirtdresses styled like the Guess jean jacket I sported in 8th grade do not exist? As my grandma used to say, you have to pick your battles, and while whatever else is going on with La Bosworth is beyond my sphere of influence, her dress is totally the kind of fug that I must take a stand against. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if your mom wore it to your junior high school graduation, or, indeed, to any event at which "The Wind Beneath My Wings" was performed, you probably shouldn't wear it now.

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