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December 07, 2006

Criminal Fugs

Criminal Minds, the show that beats Lost because apparently16 million people are watching even though you know none of them, has gotten the post-Super Bowl slot this year.

And so, Kristin Vangsness, one of the people on the show who is not Mandy Patinkin -- despite what you see in the ads, there are some -- has decided to celebrate by sewing a tutu into her skirt.

In fact, so potent is her glee that she mismatched her pin stripes and fastened her jacket a tad too high, the latter error giving off an overall effect that gravity is pulling harder on her left side.

She looks a bit like the eccentric costume master of a high-school drama department, who is method-prepping for this year's production of Oliver Fame -- the heartwarming story of an orphan and his merry band of pickpockets who are punished for trying to rob a bakery by being tossed into a prestigious song-and-dance academy. Oh, sure, it damages their street cred, but slowly these young rapscallions melt under the tutelage of Debbie Allen. They stop stealing cash and start stealing hearts, learning important lessons about honesty, rhythm, the true meaning of family, and jazz hands.

All of which is to say, it's not a great look for her.

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