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January 02, 2007

Courtney Fug

So far, 2007 looks awfully familiar.

As usual, we can see Courtney Love's bra, and as usual, she can't keep her eyes open long enough for us to check the status of her pupils. Although, technically, this photo was taken on New Year's Eve, so it was still 2006. Ergo, although she rang in 2007 thusly, looking like a zombie whose nose had recently been broken -- seriously, what's up with it? Doesn't it look flatter? And yet knobbier? Did she bang it against the mirror on the table? We hope not -- it's entirely possible she turned the corner later that day and has now spent the remaining 24-plus hours of 2007 looking lovely and awake, playing Scrabble with Frances Bean before settling down to watch Finding Nemo and her new Sound of Music deluxe edition DVD and then singing her daughter to sleep with the "So Long, Farewell" song we so cherish and which Gwen Stefani needs to keep her grubby sample-happy mitts away from on pain of bitch-slap.

We're crossing our fingers. And, the lipstick is an improvement, so maybe there is progress on the horizon.

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