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January 08, 2007


I hear that Rinko Kikuchi is fantastic in Babel, and I am perfectly willing to believe it. What I am NOT willing to believe is that these shoes are meant to be anything but a clever joke played by the designer on the rest of the foot-having world:

Wait, let's go to the close-up:

Are those....ankle-warmers? Attached TO the shoe via ribbon? Oy. They're like the formal shorts version of Kathy Hilton's ankle-warmer shoes.

Listen, I'm quite sure these cost an arm and a leg and an ankle, but I truly can't see what exactly you should wear them with: they make you look stumpy with skirts, as we can see, but pants would conceal the very ankle-warmer you paid for with your limbs. So in addition, to being ugly, they are confusing. And I am confused about enough things -- algebra, boys, why Jennifer Love Hewitt's talented wig-wrangler on Ghost Whisperer doesn't get more love in the media -- without adding "shoes" to that list.

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